The Family

The Family

Sunday, October 16, 2011

God's Abundant Blessings Through His People

You know, we all have had times in life when people have let us down or disappointed us.  And all we have to do is watch the evening news to see daily glimpses of how cruel, inhumane and sinful mankind can be as well.  So isn't it refreshing when you see people stepping out, lending a hand, shining their light on those around them and showing mercy and love instead??  Well, keep on reading below if you want to see some of that in action!

Our family just feels so extremely blessed right now.  In the past couple weeks we have gotten to have not one, not two, but THREE firsthand experiences of God bestowing love on us through his people!  And let me tell you, it is AMAZING!  Each deserves its own post, because each experience has been so genuine and thoughtful.  So I am going to write about them one at a time.  Here's the first one!  And it's a doozie!!  :)

Remember how I have been posting about our Sacred Selections fundraiser in Lexington, KY this past weekend?  Well, it was held on Friday and it was a hit beyond our wildest expectations!

We got the word yesterday afternoon from Phillip and Tracy Shumake that the grand total raised for the adoption of Masha and Christopher was.... drumroll please!!......


WOW!!!  I could not believe it!  When Tracy had originally emailed me to tell me about the fundraiser and ask me how much we would ideally love to raise, I told her that $6000 would be awesome, but never in my wildest imagination did I think that the actual number would even be close!  After all, Tracy and Phillip put all this on in such a short amount of time.  They put so much effort into it all, but I just never imagined that it would be THIS successful! 

Phillip and Tracy Shumake

The tables each had a picture of either Masha or Christopher on it, plus another picture of our family, and a card about the silent auction.

Some of the attendees enjoying a fun-filled evening!

The guests were invited to watch a short presentation about Sacred Selections and how they help families like us adopt orphans both in the US and abroad.
Phillip and Tracy had asked us to make a video about our family and about Masha and Christopher to show at the dinner.  I have that video posted below......
(Please click pause on my playlist below so that you can enjoy the song on the video)

Tracy said there were FOUR tables set up for the silent auction items, and they STILL had to squash everything together to make it all fit!!

We can't express well enough how amazingly THANKFUL we are for everyone's efforts in this!  For Tracy and Phillip who orchestrated it, for Dana Corozza who started Sacred Selections for orphans in the first place, for all those who donated the 100+ items for the silent auction and for the over 50 guests who attended the dinner on Friday ................  Thank you  Thank You Thank You!!!

Thank you on behalf of Masha and Christopher, who although they can't thank you in person... yet!.... are going to be so grateful to get home to a family who loves them and will take care of them in ways they have never yet known in their lives!

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  1. WOW!! So glad that it was such a success! Great joy for you guys - looking forward to the rest of your stories!!

    hugs - aus and co.