The Family

The Family

Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Bible School!

Tonight began one of my favorite times of the whole summer-- Vacation Bible School (otherwise known as VBS) at our church.  I have loved watching our kids participate each year just as much as they love going.  And this year, I am getting to teach!  I am the teacher for our preschoolers ages 3 to 5 and we started off tonight with a bang!!

Me dressed up as Sarah, my friend Amy as herself!

It is such fun watching these little ones with their eyes glued to me as I tell them a story, or lining up single file with their hands on eachother's shoulders to form a choo-choo line back into the auditorium, or to have one of them (sweet little Maddy) cuddle up against me in the pew as we all pray together.  Such great memories are being formed for them, and for me!  And I am enjoying every bit of it.

My room all decorated for the preschoolers

Some of Evan's artwork on the walls

And some more... Evan drew the lion.

This year is extremely special because we have Gideon with us now too.  It was awesome to look out my classroom door tonight streight down the hall to the craft room and see my new son busily painting and participating with the help of another church member.  It just made my heart swell at the sight of it.  Sweet Gideon who might have never known about the love of Jesus, now being taught just how much He loves him... and having a blast in the process!

Schuyler, Evan and Gideon getting ready for the start of VBS

It just reminds me how gracious and awesome our God is.  And it makes me so thankful that Tim and I get to be the ones to teach him about His awesomeness and His love.  We are truly blessed.

So to all of you who might have the opportunity at your church, or at one nearby, to take your children to VBS I say DO IT!  Your kids will love it and form great memories and an even stronger relationship with God because of it.

What a great kickoff to summer!

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