The Family

The Family

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday Grayson!!!!

Well, his birthday was actually this past Saturday, March 5th so this birthday wish is a little bit belated.  But I don't think he'll mind!  I just cannot believe that my youngest baby is 8 whopping years old already.  And in just two short years he will be in the double digits!! 

To top it off, every birthday he has is a friendly reminder that I too am getting older because, you see, we share a birthday.  Grayson was my 30th birthday present.  So if I ever get too old or senile to remember how old I am, which happens already unfortunately, I can just add 30 years to however old he is at the time.  Very convenient!

We had a fun weekend together with the family celebrating our special day.  I actually really love sharing a birthday with one of my babies.  It makes it all the more fun and the celebrations get to go on for days! :)  This year, he got to do whatever he wanted all day Friday, and I got to celebrate Saturday night.  He chose a movie out-- we saw Rango-- and pizza at CiCi's, which is where the picture above was taken.  Him in all his pizza glory.  On Saturday morning when he woke up, he got to go on a treasure hunt complete with clues and hidden money.  Fun!

Saturday I started my morning with a lovely cup of coffee and then drove to Zumba class-- so much fun!!  But no, not too much rest for me that day.  Went grocery shopping, which I actually like, and ran two boys to soccer practices in the rain.  But later that evening Tim and I got to go out alone and share a lovely dinner together which was wonderful.

So this weekend was a fun time of celebration, thanking God for the life He has given me and the children He has entrusted to me.  Happy Birthday G-Man!!  We love you so very much and think you are one of the most special, fun and cutest people on this planet!!!!

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