The Family

The Family

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Closer to Our Child

We have finally heard back from our agency and are continuing to move forward in our progress in trying to bring Gideon home.  He is still being labeled as having Class A TB, even though his cultures and smears have come back negative.  He cannot pass the infection to anyone, nor do I ever believe the disease was active-- only latent-- but they are still classifying it as such because of the spot in his lungs which they saw on the chest x-ray. 

So, all that being said, we still need to obtain a waiver through the Health Department and I was in contact with them yesterday to do that.  They will not issue us a waiver until they see that the results of the culture are negative, so our agency emailed them all the reports from the doctor in China yesterday as well.  We hope and pray that I can go pick up that signed waiver from the Health Department today and that there will be no more delays in getting it signed.  It needs to be reviewed by the CDC and they will be at a week-long confrence next week, so it needs to get into them so it can be reviewed and approved by USCIS asap!!  Please pray for us that this waiver will be signed TODAY and that the CDC committee will get it in time to review it before they break for confrence.

We are TRYING to get  you home Gideon, I promise we are!!!!!

In the meantime, as I think of him waiting over there for us, so far away, I continue to think of all the other children who are still waiting.  Not waiting for their family to come back and get them as Gideon is, but rather waiting to find a family in the first place.  God's children.  Waiting. 

Our son was just like them only a few short months ago-- waiting and wondering if a family would ever come for him.  For our Gideon, time was running out and that is true for so many other orphans in this world.  Their time is running out too, either because they are getting older and will soon "age out" of their country's orphanage system thus becoming unadoptable, or because they have health issues which cannot be cared for adequately in their home country and put them at risk of death.

Remember these children, the children of God, as you watch the video below.  It is so heartwarming.  It makes us remember what adoption is truly about.  We are all adopted as sons and daughters into God's family.  He wants us to give these children an earthly family just as He has adopted all of us as one of His.  No matter our faults, our imperfections, our disabilities or the color of our skin, He wants us ALL!

Let us remember His children.  All of them.
(Turn off my sound below to watch the video)

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