The Family

The Family

Friday, November 26, 2010

In Thanksgiving...

Although it is officially the day after Thanksgiving, here at our house we are still reflecting on all the blessings we have been given and all we have to be grateful for.  There is much, and we are humbled by the way God has taken care of our family yet another year.

~ We are thankful for a home... many have lost theirs this year due to the economic crisis, storms, fires, war, etc.  We are grateful we have a warm, comforting place to return to each day.

~ An income... many people have lost this as well this past year, my husband included for awhile, and it makes you grateful each day that you have a way to make a living and provide for your family.

~ A wonderful church... they are like our second family-- always there for us, supportive and loving, and it means so much.

~ Our faith... I hesitate to think where we would be without it.  I don't know how others make decisions without God in their lives.  I know I would personally be a mess without the knowledge that He is there guiding my path and easing my burdens.

~Our health... After my husband broke his leg a couple months ago we all began to realize firsthand how important one's health and mobility really is.  It is difficult to be unable to do all the things you once could do with ease.  We take our good health for granted so many times, it is just one more thing to thank God for each day!  Thank you Lord for my health, my husband's recovery and the health of my children.

~Last but not least-- FAMILY.  There is no greater joy in this world for me than loving my husband and children and having them near.  I cherish being a wife and mother and know that this is my main purpose in life.  I love always knowing we are there for each other, one complete unit, through thick or thin and that we will lift each other up and support one another no matter what.

We are doubly thankful that we have added one new member to the family this year through the adoption of our daughter, and that we are taking the steps to add another son, hopefully at the beginning of next year.  "Children are a blessing from the Lord."

Our family is also extremely grateful for all those people out there with kind and giving hearts who have supported us both emotionally and financially throughout this latest adoption.  Your love shown towards our family is incredible and we are so THANKFUL!

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