The Family

The Family

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


These past few days have been so humbling for us!  It has been an incredible faith booster for our family to hear from so many of you encouraging us along during this adoption, and to watch with awe and amazement as our chip-in has grown from $0 to over $2200 in just the past 4 days!  Wow is God ever at work!

This has been such a great testament of Christian brotherly love to both to us and our children.  Nothing has delighted me more over these past few days than when our 12 year old daughter came into the room last night while I was on the computer, and upon finding out that our chip-in was over $2000 she exclaimed "What?!  Well you see Mom, I knew that God wanted us to adopt this boy.  Now He is making a way for it to happen." 

It makes me cry just to know the lessons that my children are taking away from all this-- greater than any homeschool lesson we could ever learn!
1--  It is the knowledge that God is greater than any one person or thing or obstacle.
2--  It is also that His people, when coming together for the greater good, are a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Our children have now seen firsthand the supreme generosity shown towards strangers by the way you all have supported us in phone conversations, emails and donations.  It is my prayer that they will carry these lessons forward in their own lives and remember to put people first-- not things-- and sacrifice for others when they are in need.

No words can adequately express the joy, the humility, the blessings that we are feeling right now.  The fact that so many people would put their time, money and energy toward helping us bring this boy home continues to wow us.  We are truly humbled and thankful that you care enough about trying to help him through helping us in our adoption of him.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and look forward to seeing what else God has in store.  We are getting closer to our goal, but still have a ways to go.  Still have a lot of paperwork to get processed in a short time frame as well. 

Please continue to pray for us, that we might be successful in getting it all done! Ask God to lead my hands and feet in the right directions and not to allow me to tire in this process.

Also, I mentioned before that I would have a fundraiser up and running soon and that I would post it when I did.  Well here it is-- our newest fundraiser through Thirty-One Gifts posted now on the right sidebar of this page!  You can visit their catalog through the posted link-- all proceeds from this fundraiser will go straight to our adoption, and there are some great gift-giving ideas just in time for the holidays!

Thank you again to everyone for your support!!

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