The Family

The Family

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We're Baaaaaaccccckkkkk!

Well to say it has been a long time since I blogged would be an understatement! :). Going to see what I can do to start blogging on a fairly regular basis again.

Our family has grown by two since last I wrote. We were going over to EE for a 15 year old boy named Illiya, now named Elijah, and ended up coming home with TWO boys instead...... we also brought home an adorable baby boy with that extra designer chromosome whom we named Oscar.

Everyone has been doing really wonderfully since coming hime. There've been some if the normal issues with trust, lying, etc that I know most teens deal with when adopted, but nothing major and nothing we aren't equipped to handle. Both boys have fit in seamlessly into our large family and have found their niche, and their place in our hearts.  We are so grateful as always to the many people who helped us bring them home! God has blessed us so much.

So hopefully I will be able to fit some time into my days each week for blogging a little about our family and continuing my advocacy for the orphans of this world. Thanks for re-joining me!

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