The Family

The Family

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Couple Of Big Birthdays!

Well everything here has been moving right along lately, including apparently the passage of time! And today we marked that passage with not one, but TWO pretty important birthdays...... my baby Grayson turned 10 (not such a baby anymore) and I turned 40!  Yep, the Big 4-0.  It's here!

It was a momentous occasion for sure when Grayson entered our lives 10 years ago on my 30th birthday.  Ten days overdue, and a big surprise pregnancy to begin with, I had my reservations and lots of mixed feelings about sharing "my" day with the little guy.  Not to mention that my 30th birthday was spent either in pain, or recovering from being in pain.  :/

But soon after I realized how cool it is that my last biological child and I shared this special day and now I am so grateful for that bond and for being able to celebrate together!

Some of my cards from Tim and the kids and one of Grayson's cards.  Notice the saying on the one on the left?  Yeah that one is from my darling daughter  ;)
So today we each marked a big milestone.  I said goodbye to my 30's and welcomed the next decade with open arms, eager to see what life has in store for me in the future.  I pray these coming years are as full of love, friendship, blessings and adventure as the last ten.

And Grayson, well he turned double digits, which of course is HUGE, and embarked on a very big decade of life as well.  Just think for a moment how much happens to you between age 10 and 20.  A ton!  Middle school, the teen years, dating, driving, high school, friends, curfews, jobs, SAT's, sports, college....... a lot!

We celebrated together this morning by going out for breakfast together.  We prayed before our meal and thanked God for the life we have lived so far, and asked Him to continue to bless our lives richly that we might continue to walk in the path He has set for us, and that we might do good in this world.

Gray and I talked about what we thought the next years might bring, and the kind of man he is striving to be.  I gave him a card this morning telling him how much I love and cherish him and how proud I am of the young man he is becoming.  I am so grateful for that sweet boy!  He has a good heart and a kind spirit and I hope those qualities never leave him, no matter how old he grows.


Happy Birthday Grayson!!! 


Happy Birthday Me!!  

And here's to the next 40 years!  May they be even better (and go by even slower) than the last! 

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