The Family

The Family

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Yup, it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  After Halloween everything seems to run together in one big blur!  We have been doing great though and hope you have been too!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a house brimming with family, friends and children!!  And of course, an abundance of yummy foods!

 Here was my table decor for the occasion

 And a family tree with lots of memories!

 Our buffet table where we served ciders and appetizers.  And some great inspirational quotes were written above.  The ribbon was where everyone was to hang their card with something they were thankful for written on it.

 The funny boys table!

 One of the place settings

Dinner is about to begin!

 This was from earlier in the day when the kids were all cuddled up watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

 The teen table!

And all the in-betweens at their table too.

Besides Thanksgiving Day and all the festivities it brought, we had something else even BIGGER to be thankful for........ our sweet Georgia was baptized!!!!

 Ready to go!

 Walking in to our preacher Tommy Poarch

 Coming back out after her baptism!!

She is a new creature in Christ!

We are so proud of her and her decision!!  It is one she does not take lightly and that she came to after much prayer and discussion with us.  She knows that she wants to give her life to God and we feel blessed as her parents to be able to support her!

Now we are preparing ourselves for the next holiday... CHRISTMAS!!  The excitement is in the air as you can only imagine being in a house with 6 kids!  We have done lots of fun things so far like baking cookies, going to a couple ornament and cookie exchanges, decorating gingerbread houses, caroling at the nursing home, attending the town's annual Christmas tree lighting, driving to Mc Adenville (otherwise known as Christmastown USA) to view the Christmas lights, and of course, picking out and decorating our tree!!  Whew!  But it was all a ton of fun!!

 Making a gingerbread house at our homeschool group's Christmas party!

 Enjoying some snacks afterward.

 Christmas caroling at the nursing home.

 Going to see the lights is an annual tradition for our family!

The houses are all decorated with so many lights and done so beautifully!

 SO many lights!!

 The boys at the Harrisburg Christmas tree lighting-- the girls were at their ornament exchange and missed it this year.

 There were crafts to do too and Grayson made this adorable snowman!

 Going on a horse and carriage ride

 At the tree lot getting our tree!

 Strapped to the car and ready to head home!

Our beautiful tree before the decorations

Last but not least, we had one more celebration this past weekend-- a surprise birthday party for my honey who turns the BIG 40 on Friday!!!!!
We successfully pulled off the surprise with the help of many friends and our kids.  I think it was the first time on record that I REALLY surprised him!  He is usually someone who can guess what is going on, or the present you are about to give him, a mile away.  :)
We had the house packed with friends and lots of yummy food as well.  And only after I told him that our pipes had sprung a major leak and that our dining room was flooding was I able to get him home for the party!! ;)

His friend Steve played a big part in the surprise, keeping him out all afternoon so the kids and I could get everything done.  Thank you Steve!!

And happy early 40th birthday to Tim!!!!

So I think that has caught everyone up to speed on our past couple months so far!  We are ready for Christmas and all the joy and wonder it brings for us and our children. 

We are still hoping to travel to Eastern Europe in the early weeks of January too.  All our paperwork updates are there including our request for an appointment date sometime the week of January 10th.  That is our daughter's birthday when she turns 5 and after that we have no need for the "list" anymore to go and get her.

Pray that our request is granted.  There have been some difficult things going on in her country which was the main reason I decided to make my blog private.  Glad all of you are still following along!  We will keep you posted with any updates.

So for now, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!  Enjoy this last week of fun and cheer before the big day!!

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