The Family

The Family

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting the hang of this

I am so excited to have this thing up and running... finally! However, considering I am not the most computer savvy person in the world, my challenge is to keep it running and to make it look good! There are so many awesome looking blogs out there with great pictures, links and even little blinky things. I want those! Gotta figure this stuff out, after all I already have ONE FOLLOWER! Yippee! I promise I will get it looking better.... soon.

For today, I just wanted to say on here how enormously grateful I am. Life is filled with so many challenges, so much stuff that just gets in the way of that feeling of gratitude way too often. It is such a pleasant feeling for me when I just out of the blue get one of those "ah-ha" moments about how blessed I am.

I have so much more in the form of material blessings than most people in our world could ever dream of having. I have a loving family who raised me to be true to who I am and to believe that I matter. I have a kind-hearted, hard working, Christian husband who really does try his hardest every day for his family. I have sweet, loving, healthy children-- two of them baptized Christians-- who are my lights in this world, my reason for trying MY hardest to be a light myself. I have WONDERFUL friends from so many different walks of life, who support me and care about our family and help me become a more well-rounded, tolerant, God fearing individual.

I am blessed. Our family is blessed. And I am grateful.

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